SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTUREOne of the priority matters of Ganja automobile plant since 2005 has been the amelioration of the social structure. The social objects of the establishments with uncompleted construction were in the same position. During the last two years there have been done the visible works on the construction of social infrastructure and its amelioration.

Besides the production sphere of the automobile plant it has a little agriculture too. It is Avtozavod settlement consisted of 5 living buildings and Gulustan living massif consisted of a living building and a hostile. There are 792 inhabitants in Avtozavod settlement and generally 240 inhabitants in the living building and hostile of Gulustan living massif. It is notify that the hostile is resided by 203 Kelbedjer refugees. The leadership of Avtozavod always considers their problems very carefully and tries to solve them. Besides, there is a nursery school, guest house, chess school and a library attached to the automobile factory. A canteen and baker workshop has been organized in order to provide the workers of the institution with hot meal. It is to notify that the nourishment of the workers is free of charge. The necessary measures are always taken to improve the living condition of the inhabitants of the settlement. 171 flats of the settlement have been privatized.

SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTUREAt the same time the food-stuffs shop and baker booth is at the disposal of the inhabitants. The cleanness of the settlement is seriously observed by Utility Department.

SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE The Policy of Social Family Support

There is a sport square and a rest park in Avtozavod settlement. The settlement is provided by electric energy, natural gas and water. There is a transformer point, a water reservoir of 1500 ton, an artesian well on the area.



SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTUREThere is a canteen and tea-house in the hostile of avtozavod situated in Gulustan living massif. It is to notify that there is an artesian well and a water reservoir of 120 ton constructed on the area.