But the decision of thee Central Office of Communist Party of Soviet Union was met with great dissatisfaction by that time's Armenian leadership. Armenian leadership tried to realize this project just in Armenia. Only as the result of Heydar Aliyev's authority and strong will the foundation of automobile plant was established in Gandja city of Azerbaijan Republic.

The construction of the institution was ended in 1989 and the production of lorries of 1,5 ton was begun at the beginning of the year 1990. According to the contract the strength of the institution was equal to the production of 30 000 automobiles per year. But the unreasonable pretention of Armenians about Nagorno Garabakh and the events happened in connection with this in Azerbaijan has influenced the construction of the factory. Taking an opportunity of this the Armenian worship Ministers Cabinet of USSR interrupted the construction of the factory and gave the technological project to Bryansk automobile plant.

HISTORY OF THE ESTABLISHMENTFamous Automobile Companies interested in Ganja automobile plant in the different years. But because of the objective and subjective causes the negotiations held with the foreign companies didn't give any efficient and during 15 years the death silence was dominated on the hectares territories of this giant construction.

The company "Reno" of France Republic was interested in this factory in 1999. This famous automobile magnate gave consent to give technical support in completing of the building and construction of the production possess. It was considered in the project of the collaboration contract signed with "Reno to construct 920 pieces of middle tonnage lorries of "Reno - Midlum" models on the base of the completing details received from France". In the next stages on the account of the production of the completing details under the local conditions the annual issues should be increased. It demanded an allocation of 10 million dollars to realize this project and France required the state guarantee from Azerbaijan state. But it is a pity that the available economical condition didn't allow to realize this project. The negotiations held during 4 years ended without result.


Then, "Volkswagen" channel of companies interested in the automobile factory. Bur because of certain reasons the realization of this project was impossible.

But in spite of all difficulties after 15 years, in December 2004 Ganja automobile plant began working and the first automobile constructed at the factory was issued. It began the construction of automobiles of VAZ 11113 "OKA" models at the factory. The construction of "OKA" in 3 models was realized on the ground of the completing details brought from the factory on the production of Small capacity automobiles situated in Naberejniye Chelni. The first automobile is concerned to the conveyer of the institution on December 24 and this event was celebrated ceremonial in the city view. The first production of Ganja automobile plant was demonstrated to the city public personally by the leader of the institution. The first production of the factory came true to the Garabakh fighters.120 Garabakh invalids and Great Patriotic War Veterans residing in different regions of the country possessed the automobiles "OKA" constructed at the factory. But the construction of "OKA" automobiles wasn't efficient and its construction was interrupted. Generally, 314 pieces of "OKA" automobiles were produced at the factory.

After "OKA" the construction of "UAZ" automobiles was begun. The institution signed the agreement with "UAZ" OSS of Russia in May 2005 and the construction of "UAZ" automobiles in Ganja automobile plant was organized in August. According to the contract signed with "UAZ" company, the construction of 10 models of "UAZ" automobiles and also HUNTER and SIMBIR models was realized at the factory. But the collaboration with Russian company continued only a year. In August 2006 Ganja automobile plant decided to interrupt the collaboration with Russian Automobile Company. There were some reasons for it. From one hand there were big problems in Ulyanovsk institution after the application of international standards AVRO - 2 in Russian Federation from July 01, 2005, because the 12 models of 14 of UAZ didn't provide this standard and the issue of such kind of automobiles in Russia was forbidden. From other hand the cause of this was the sent of bad quality spare parts of UAZ to Ganja institution. Besides, as the completing details sent were incomplete, the construction of 50 automobiles was incomplete in the conveyer of the institution. Generally, 243 UAZ automobiles have been constructed in automobile plant.


But the interruption of the collaboration with Russia didn't influence the activities of Gadja automobile plant. At that time the institution signed the collaboration contract with two factories of the giant automobile corporation of China "Jan Gan". And the construction of "Jan Gan" automobiles of China began in October 2005 in Ganja. The construction of 7 models of lorries of middle tonnage was organized in the institution. Three of the models are isuued under the name "GANJA". The first presentation of China automobiles constructed in Ganja automobile plant was held on October 8 and this car was demonstrated personally by the director of the factory. As these cars were considered for the middle level of people, the production of these automobiles was considered efficient, because there was a great demand in them and was convenient to the purchasing power of people. At the moment the production of "Jan Gan" has been interrupted temporary.

It is to notify that Ganja automobile plant continues the preparation works within the framework of collaboration contract signed with Li Fan factory of "Jan Gan". We inform you that the production of cars of "Li Fan - 520" models will be organized in Azerbaijan on the base of this contract.

In November 2006, the government of Byelorussia Republic interested with Ganja automobile plant. So, during the visit of Azerbaijan President to Byelorussia Republic they got the agreement between the President of Azerbaijan and the President of Byelorussia about the establishment of economical relation between two countries and the creation of collaboration between Minsk Tractor and Automobile Factory and Ganja automobile plantautomobile plant. According to this agreement the automobile plant signed the contract with these institutions. And within a month the local experts assembled the new technological line at the enterprise. Even the experts came from Minsk estimated the works done very high. On 27 March, 2007 the tractor of mark "Belarus 80.1" constructed in Ganja automobile plant issued from the conveyer. In connection with this the presentation ceremony of the tractor of mark "Belarus 80.1" constructed in Ganja automobile plant was held. Implemented the state order Ganja automobile plant has to combine and deliver 382 pieces tractors of different models to "Agrolizing" OSS. At present the tractors of models "Belarus 892", "Belarus 80X", "Belarus 82.1", "Belarus 80.1" and "Belarus 1025" are being produced at the factory.

At the same time the construction of MAZ lorries has been organized at the factory too. The additional technological line has been combined at the factory for the construction of lorries with heavy tonnage. The first Automobiles MAZ named "GANJA" and "PEHLEVAN" were issued on April 30. It is to notify that the production power of the factory is equal with the production of 1700-2000 pieces of tractors and 950-1000 pieces of lorries.

It is to notify that within the framework of the visit to Azerbaijan of the President of Byelorussia Aleksandr Lukashenko the tractor and lorry constructed in Ganja automobile plant were demonstrated in National Exhibition held in Baku from 2 to 4 May and attracted the attention of the both two presidents and were estimated very high.